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In this book you will find many of the fundamental questions that started the UM research, experimentation and discovery. Some of these questions have been asked to scientists and professors around the world; questions that no one seemed to have answers for. The Universal Model gives these answers, and many of them appear in this introductory book. Extraordinary claims accompany most of the answers in the UM, and they often run contrary to what modern science currently teaches as fact in the world’s classrooms. These extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, which the reader will find in the UM, but which I omit here in order to keep this book brief. The UM Summary book will show the UM’s big picture in a condensed form that you will more easily understand how encompassing and truly significant the new discoveries found in the UM are, and how they will affect each field in modern science.

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Purchase the print version of the UM Summary of the Universal Model (UM). The UM Summary is an Introduction to the Universal Model, a New Millennial Science. This book draws much of its text directly from the UM. The author introduces each topic in a simple and understandable format.

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