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This is 1 Copy of UM Vol I & 1 Copy of Workbook Volume 1, The Earth System.

The Universal Model, Volume I is the product of more than twenty years of research into the science of geology, archaeology, biology, astronomy, and a host of other science fields. It takes a new look at the forces that formed the Earth and that have shaped it over the past few thousand years. This book begins by introducing a number of extremely important principles and questions that lead the Truth Seeker to ask searching questions and dig deeper in to the truth of the Earth’s age. The magma pseudotheory—a false theory taught as fact—questions the origin of the theory that suggests the Earth is a hot, molten-core planet. After refuting this modern science claim, and after deconstructing the false theory about rock formation, this book addresses the vast knowledge and evidence that shows our Earth is actually a Hydroplanet—a planet form of water. With the mountain of evidence supporting the hydroplanet model, the magnificence of the worldwide, global Flood—Noah’s Flood—fills the capstone chapter in this volume. Hundreds of examples and myriad evidences provide remarkable proof of the Flood event. The final chapter introduces a whole new Weather Model, sure to captivate and enliven the outdoor enthusiast as weather phenomena takes on new meaning. This is a truly incredible read.

The workbook takes on the subject of the Earth Systems at work inside the Earth that are outlined in the Universal Model, Vol I. Written to help those reading the length text, this workbook makes the principle and concepts understandable and teachable. With reviews from TruthSeekers ranging in age from 7 and 8 years old, to 60, this 120-page, full color experience will engage both parents and students in the New Millennial Science. Packed with hands-on pages, experiments and projects, this is the perfect book to share with your children and grandchildren.

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