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Make sure to read the many new observations and experiments performed throughout the Universal Model that demonstrate the conditions and circumstances which formed these geological Specimens.

The experiments listed below can be located by their figure number in the Universal Model Volume I and help us understand how the specimens were and were not made.

Actual Melted Rocks Fig 5.7.9
Quartz Growth Process Fig 7.4.13
Sandstone Formation Fig 8.5.19

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The UM Rock Kits are now available for purchase! The Universal Model Rock Kit is the perfect way to get a hands-on education by focusing on UM discoveries using geological specimens. The descriptions of each mineral in the included UM Rock Kit Booklet will provide new knowledge and wisdom to better describe and explain the world around us.

This UM Rock Kit was designed to be used in conjunction with the Universal Model Volume I – The Earth Systemand Volume II – The Living System. The new geological origins discussed throughout the booklet reference each sample and where more information can be found in the Universal Model on the topic. This information gives further meaning and understanding to the brief description of each specimen. We hope you enjoy holding these minerals and fossils and discovering how each one was made.

View the product images to see a sample from the UM Rock Kit Booklet.

Please note, the rocks and minerals pictured in the gallery images are only a sample of the actual specimens found in the kit. Due to the availability of specimens, samples and quantity may vary.


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