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You will love how students themselves have designed this workbook and find the many science activities both engaging and informative with each section listing the pages in the UM where the student can find the answers.

These UM Workbooks for TruthSeekers are perfect for homeschools, and any other school that is Creator based and can be used by any faith. These Workbooks will become available for all three Volumes of the UM and for other education topics such as: English, Math, both American and World History, Geography, and Government.

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This workbook takes on the subject of the Earth Systems at work inside the Earth that are outlined in the Universal Model, Vol I. Written to help those reading the length text, this workbook makes the principle and concepts understandable and teachable. With reviews from TruthSeekers ranging in age from 7 and 8 years old, to 60, this 120-page, full color experience will engage both parents and students in the New Millennial Science. Packed with hands-on pages, experiments and projects, this is the perfect book to share with your children and grandchildren.

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